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Sudden Watermelon - iOS Android

Sudden Watermelon for iOS and Android

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[Noen, Snappzilla]“I’ve gotta say, I’m becoming a big fan of his work.”

[supergamedroid]“Unleash Your Inner Gallagher!!”





Kerohiro the flag bearer for android and ios

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer

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[Appliv] “A great story and 16 heroes with specialized abilities await your ribbit.”

[Tech in Asia] “Best Android Game of April 2016”

[Touch Tap Play] “I guarantee it’s a lot of fun.”

[JayisGames] “One grand adventure!”

[] “RPGとアクションがダブルで楽しめるゲームも珍しいだろう”

[Cranium Code] “Weekly Mobile Games”

[] “カエルの仲間と大行進!”


Sudden Edamame - iOS Android

Sudden Edamame

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Sudden Bonus Mobile Game

Sudden Bonus

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[] Game of the week(18-24 June)

[] “Play never-ending bonus stage”

[] “promised silly + free fun”

[] iOS game of the week| Android game of the week

[ 巴哈姆特遊戲網] “點陣旋風戰開打!”


Booboo Jump Mobile Game

Booboo Jump


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